Value for Your Money

Your municipal government must meet the challenges of planning for and managing growth while maintaining a high quality of life for all its citizens.

“We’re going to hold the line on taxes and keep more money in your pockets.”

It is important that you see value for your tax dollars in the programs and services delivered to you each and every day. I have worked with Council to strategically position Strathcona County for success now and into the future; and to lay the foundation built on trust and leadership. Responsibly managing your dollars in our community remains a priority.

As your Mayor, I will lead Council to:

  1. Wise oversight of financial assets and spending critical to our municipality’s financial health.
  2. Transparency and accountability in fiscal management and all processes necessary to create a strong and vital organization which can then serve its residents to
  3. Plan and build effective and efficient municipal infrastructure which is the key to our economic and social wellbeing.

Next Steps

  • Build on the successes we have seen through the initial implementation of Priority-Based Budgeting to ensure efficient service delivery and value for tax dollars.
  • Continue to work with our provincial and federal governments to secure long-term funding for infrastructure.
  • Strategically manage short-term and long-term growth in our community.
    • Ensure we continue steps forward to grow the Cambrian and Ardrossan communities in a responsible way to meet their unique potential.
    • Bring forward a sustainable, fiscally responsible development plan for Bremner that creates the least amount of burden on taxpayers both today and tomorrow.

Term Accomplishments

  • In 2015 we introduced our first four-year corporate business plan, and approach to Priority-Based Budgeting, a comprehensive new budgeting process for Strathcona County. The priorities defined in our strategic plan provide focus to our corporate and department business plans, and act as a filter for all our budget decisions and day-to-day operations.
    • Budget 2016 reflected our continued transition and evolution through this process.
    • Priority-Based Budgeting is one of the reasons Council was able to reduce the municipal tax rate by 2.62, this year. That’s certainly progress - compared to the 4.25 per cent increase residents experienced in 2012 and the 9.80 per cent increase in 2008.
  • Increased fiscal responsibility.
    • Council eliminated Council Budget Requests, a $1 million budget that funded Council member’s one-off ward-projects.
    • Council eliminated policy that allowed members of Council to transfer expenses to each other to prevent over-expenditures. Now, expenses must remain within the individual operating budget of an Elected Official. Any expenses, which will exceed an Elected Official’s total annual budget must be authorized by Council resolution, prior to the expenditure being made.
    • Council started posting expense reports online. You can find these expense reports dating back to 2012 here.
  • Planning and managing growth is a key responsibility of Council. This Council demonstrated leadership by making a decision that had been grinding previous Councils to a halt for almost two decades. After an in-depth review of both the Bremner and Colchester growth management studies, this Council chose Bremner as its next growth area.
Business and Economic Leadership

Business and Economic Leadership

I believe, more can be done to support, retain and grow our urban and rural businesses, and our entrepreneurs.

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Dynamic and Active Communities

Dynamic and Active Communities

I believe, diverse urban and rural communities are the core of Strathcona County.

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