Dynamic & Active Communities

I believe that healthy, diverse urban and rural communities are the core of Strathcona County. Our residents deserve facilities that provide opportunities for recreational and social programs and services. But the true spirit of a community is demonstrated through our participation in arts and culture. It is the duty and responsibility of Council to ensure the vision, long term planning and public engagement to create a safe, caring and connected community.


As your Mayor, I will lead Council to:

  1. Ensure residents have every opportunity to be engaged and active in our community.
  2. Continue to ensure enhanced quality of life and safe neighbourhoods by leveraging the innovative actions and ideas of our volunteers, community groups, agencies and all residents.

Next Steps

  • Continue to hold community conversations throughout the County, providing a variety of options for residents to engage in conversations important to them that meet their availability, including in-person and online engagement.
  • Place priority on the new Social Sustainability Framework that works with and bases success on leveraging partners in community: non profits, groups, faith groups, businesses, Saffron, Safe Place, and Parents Empowering Parents (PEP), Agricultural Societies, Community and Seniors Leagues, Communities in Bloom, Citizens on Patrol and many more.
  • We will work with community partners, local developers and other levels of government to invest in more seniors housing to address the demand for affordable seniors housing in the County. This includes exploring seniors housing opportunities in our rural communities. 
  • Evaluate public desire for rural bus route from Sherwood Park through Ardrossan, Josephburg and other areas.
  • Support recreation options in our rural communities, such as the development of a bicycle track for training and competitions, skate parks and water parks.

Term Accomplishments

  • Council approved the Mayor’s Task Force on Community Housing that worked collaboratively with industry partners, community and financial stakeholders and created an action plan to address current and future housing needs.
    • Progress is being made in this area. The Heartland Housing Foundation is focusing on the needs of low and moderate income households; as well as improving access to seniors supportive and special needs housing. When the construction on the Silver Birch (2018) and the new Clover Bar Lodge (2020) are completed, our county will have an additional 164 affordable units.
    • Council continues to encourage and work with industry and nonprofits. Park Church is developing 165 units of market comparable housing that was approved by Council in 2017 (forecast completion 2020).
  • Since 2013, we secured more than 180 million dollars in grant funding to enhance our trails, roads transit, facilities and utilities. We opened the Bethel Transit Terminal, which is one of the Capital Region’s largest bus terminals. Renovations will soon start to better accommodate our double-decker buses at the Ordze Transit Centre. We modernized the Glen Allan Recreation Centre and built the Emerald Hills’ Leisure Centre and Regional Park, giving residents a new pool, baseball, soccer fields and artificial turf.
  • Mature Neighbourhood Strategy – A public Task Force recommended policy and regulations for Council’s approval in 2016 that preserved and protected the character, integrity and style of older neighbourhoods.
  • Approved Social Sustainability Framework in 2017
    • By the first quarter of 2016, emerging economic challenges forced all Alberta communities to grapple with job losses, increased crime, mental health issues and higher incidents of family violence. Knowing we could not tackle the growing complex social issues alone, we reached out to our community for input. Nearly 8,000 people shared their ideas about how we can work together to create a supported, safe and connected community through Community Talks.
    • All this hard work led to Strathcona County’s new Social Sustainability Framework that intentionally shifts how our community will collectively work on social priorities in Strathcona County. The framework’s unique approach reflects the ingenuity of the multiple agencies, organizations, government and citizens who co-created the framework.
Value for Your Money

Value for Your Money

I believe, your municipal government must meet the challenges of planning for and managing growth while maintaining a high quality of life for all its citizens.

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Business and Economic Leadership

Business and Economic Leadership

I believe, more can be done to support, retain and grow our urban and rural businesses, and our entrepreneurs.

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