Business & Economic Leadership

Strathcona County is home to 11,000 small businesses (including 220 manufacturing companies) that make up a diverse business sector. I believe, more can be done to support, retain and grow our urban and rural businesses.

As your Mayor, I will lead Council to: 

  1. Support innovation and diversification of new and existing business.
  2. Encourage youth in business.
  3. Increase focus on ecological, agricultural and sports tourism.
  4. Create strategies to make Strathcona County one of the top places in the world to start a business and do business in.

Next Steps

  • Building off the success of the Mayor’s Task Force on Community Housing, establish a Mayor’s Task Force focused on Economic Innovation & Development to leverage the success of local business leaders and innovators to further economic development and diversification in Strathcona County.
    • Specifically the Task Force will focus on preparing Strathcona County for the economy and jobs of tomorrow and identify what the County can do to enable business and remove barriers. It will explore partnerships and support the development of a regional centre of Excellence and Innovation. It will explore the opportunity to create a business incubator and make spaces that will support the diversification, development and growth of small businesses.
  • Continue to build on our successes hosting regional, national and international sporting events, and work with our community partners to develop a sport and event attraction strategy.

Term Accomplishments

  • Over 30% increase in small businesses in the past four years. There are now over 11,000 small businesses in the county.
  • Taxes on businesses decreased from double digit increases in previous years to a 1% decrease in 2017.
  • Implemented a rural Internet access program enabled improved services to over 40 rural subdivisions – with over 700 additional rural households subscribing to highspeed internet.
  • Sports Tourism Events - We hosted several national sporting events, including two Tour of Alberta events and the Canada 55+ Games and the Canadian Olympic Wrestling Trials. Events like these have a significant economic spinoff of well over 17 million dollars spent locally in our county in accommodations, food, beverage and shopping.
  • For the first time in its long history, the Alberta Equine Conference was held in Strathcona County.
  • Council approved purchasing 160 acres of land to build a Regional Multi-Purpose Agricultural Facility.
  • Council held first reading of the new Municipal Development Plan – submitted it to the capital Region Board who approved it in July of 2017.
  • Council approved the Agriculture Master Plan, which won a National Award for Planning Excellence.
    • This Plan defines the future of Agriculture in Strathcona County. It provides strategies and policies to enable our agriculture future to be realized.
    • I championed the creation of regional Agriculture Master Plan through the Capital Regional Board (CRB) growth plan.
  • We also approved the Urban Agriculture Strategy, following an extensive public consultation.
    • This strategy is largely based on the practice of cultivating food in urban areas through education and setting up community gardens.
Value for Your Money

Value for Your Money

I believe, your municipal government must meet the challenges of planning for and managing growth while maintaining a high quality of life for all its citizens.

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Dynamic and Active Communities

Dynamic and Active Communities

I believe, diverse urban and rural communities are the core of Strathcona County.

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