More Business, More Jobs and More Growth

Posted by: Roxanne Carr

We have a wide range of businesses operating in Strathcona County. We have major corporate powerhouses that pump millions of dollars into our economy. But we also have the vital and vibrant small business community that provides a strong foundation for the community's economy.

Did you know Strathcona County is home to over 11,000 businesses? Our business community is a significant contributor tour quality life - creating jobs, services, and economic activity.

But we cannot take our businesses for granted. Over the past year, I've worked hard with Council to create a 1% decrease in business taxes for 2017. This is down from double digit increases in previous years. We have also fostered an environment where small business can thrive. Strathcona County has seen an increase of 30% in our small businesses. That is phenomenal growth when you consider the economic downturn that so many sectors have experienced.