Bremner & Municipal Development Plan

Posted by: Roxanne Carr

In a few short years, Sherwood Park will be fully built out. Within the current constraints of the urban services area (Sherwood Park), we will be unable to grown beyond its borders.

Since this process began, we have had three basic options. We could expand Sherwood Park (not a popular option), grow up and increase density (an even less popular option), or create a new growth node that could be new, innovative, and exciting. Council has chosen the latter.

Some residents are under the misunderstanding that the new Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is a part of the Bremner Decision. It is not.  In 2016, County Council, as well as the Capital Region Board (CRB), approved by bylaw, the amendment to our MDP to include Bremner into the County’s Municipal Development Plan.  This is when Bremner was approved and solidified as the new area for growth.

In fact, our MDP must be approved by the CRB, confirming that it meets the policies within the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan (EMRGP). Still with me? Good. Sometimes it gets a bit murky.

"We are working together with the entire region to create a solution to growth that works for everyone."

Now that our MDP has been approved by the capital region folks, it must come back to our Council for final approval. That will happen September 5th. Please remember that the new MDP is not to make a decision on Bremner vs. Colchester. This decision has already been made and ratified by both Council and the CRB last year.

Please remember that we’re not in this alone. We are working together with the entire region to create a solution to growth that works for everyone. If you like, I’ve included some references that help put some of the pieces of the puzzle together.


Bylaw 15-2016:

CRB approval July 25, 2016:

Municipal Development Plan Review: